• If you reject Fr4gGingR1teZ's friend request you get a 100% Evil alignment.
  • If you pwn every forum, deploy every XSS and FBO code possible, and you get 1000 job points, you will be given access to a secret forum called "1chan", which is level 99.
  • If you get go to the login screen and enter "" for the email, and the password "change_character_" followed by your character's name, you can change your class.
  • If you get all right answers on the DrrtyCop74 pickup lines minigame, you get the ability "threaten to use lethal force", which has 999 attack.
  • If you have over 20 medals and have played for over a year, you gain access to a "veteran" domination bracket where you win twice as many medals and can buy special domination cards (an example is the "doomsday" card which makes one player lose all of their scoops).
  • If you get The Lonely Gunman to trust you 100%, you can get into the secret sentrillion forum.