Video Game Lies

Half-Life is an FPS series for PC and console. It stars a mute protagonist called Gordon Freeman. Portal uses a version of Half-Life 2's Source engine.

Lies about the Half-Life series in general[]

  • There is a way to make Gordon speak.
  • The Half-Life series' so-called "lack of cutscenes" means that gameplay is not interrupted for story sequences.
    • While it has no sections where control is completely lost, it has many unskippable dialog sections where the player character has nothing to do except wait for them to end. While "cutscene" is generally understood to mean that a sequence is entirely non-interactive, it is misleading to imply that the unskippable scripted sequences in the game do not put a hold on gameplay.
  • Half-Life 3...

Lies about Half-Life 2[]

  • Father Grigori is invincible and he has a secret machine gun.
    • Father Grigori is invincible to your weapons, but can be killed by environmental damage. If you kill him, you can pick up his weapon Annabelle. It is not a machine gun, but a special shotgun, which for some reason uses the same ammo as the Magnum. It is glitchy and you can usually only use it for a few seconds before the game over sign. It's also possible to get it without killing Grigori using the console command "give weapon_annabelle".
  • There is a way to make Alyx Vance naked, without using third party skin packs.
  • There is a way to get Alyx to give you her gun.
    • A console command exists to get the weapon (give weapon_alyxgun) but it's horribly glitchy and extremely difficult to use; some mods fix the graphical issues, but there's no way to get it legitimately in the game proper.