Lies about the Halo seriesEdit

  • Both Halo: CE and Halo 2 had massive lies that were told about them, telling of hidden easter eggs and glitches that could happen if you just worked hard enough. The most popular rumors were told about the "Golden Banshee" in Halo:CE and the "Golden Warthog" in Halo 2.
  • Lego Halo was rumored to come out, but it was another 4/1 joke by EGM.
  • In Halo 2 and 3, players who register on display the 7th column emblem next to their matchmaking gamertag. The players who don't know about this are told that players with the emblem are Bungie employees. The employees may or may not have extra powers including the ability to ban if you beat them in a game.
  • There is an actual item used by Bungie employees called the Banhammer which is a modifyed gravity hammer that bans any player that is killed with it and can be accquired by killing the employee.

Lies about Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

  • The last run of the Pillar of Autumn was made by Captain Keyes.
  • The marines that attack you in the bridge on the first level can be killed by a plasma pistol.
  • The sniper on blood gulch can ricochet from blue base to red and set off the frag grenades on top.
  • In the demo, a hunter can be found holding a coke soda in an abandoned advertising idea.

Lies about Halo 2Edit

  • Captain Keyes made the magnum.
  • Their are an extra set of skulls in every level.

Lies about Halo 3Edit

  • You can kill a tank with 4 people with needlers.
  • You can unlock Recon Armor in the core Halo 3 game; Bungie just turned it off when the search started.
    • Recon is only unlockable in Halo 3: ODST. You can unlock it by getting all the mythic skulls and all the vidmaster challenges. (evidence)
  • You can play as a Brute or Grunt.