Video Game Lies

Lies about the Mario series in general[]

  • There is a Super Mario Bros. 4., maybe for the Wii.
    • There actually is a Super Mario Advance 4, which is a port of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Game Boy Advance.
    • A New Super Mario Bros. sequel for the Wii was announced at E3 which would support 4 players. It is not, however, called Super Mario Bros. 4.
    • Super Mario World is also known as 'Super Mario Bros. 4'.'
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Lies about Super Mario Bros.[]

  • If you collect every fire flower in the entire game, Mario gets a helicopter.
  • If you jump over the flag at the end of a stage, you will land in the castle, and you will gain infinite lives, warp to a secret stage, or gain roller-skates.
    • You can actually jump over the flagpole (which requires perfect timing and works only on select levels), but it will actually just lead to a flat, endless area beyond the flagpole. If you jump over the flagpole, you can simply move to the left to clear the stage normally if you wish.
    • Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP) or the Lost Levels (US) looks the exact same as Super Mario Bros. and in some stages of that game you can jump over the flagpole to get to Warp Zones
  • You can jump out of the water in underwater stages.
    • You can actually jump out but not get out of the water; you just go up then come down. You can even get on top, but the screen will not scroll. You CAN jump out of water in Super Mario Bros 3.
  • If you fall into the "Well" looking pit with the symmetrical stair-steps on both sides in Level 1-1, you will fight against a giant.
    • It's an ordinary bottomless pit.
  • If you finish World -1 you will get 100 lives
    • Finishing World -1 will just cause you to start the same level over. It cannot ever be beaten on any cart version of the game.
  • If you beat the game 4 times in a row without dying once then a 1-800 number will come up which if called will give you a coupon for 4 free NES cartridges.
    • This was probably said to waste time. Most players are not good enough to disprove it.
  • Yoshi was supposed to be in this game, but it was too hard for 8 bit technology to handle. Nintendo waited until they created the Super Nintendo before putting him in a game.
    • Based on a truth; a game featuring Yoshi was to be made for the NES, but was not for the above-mentioned reason.
    • Yoshi had at least two Nes games, Yoshi's Cookie and Mario & Yoshi (Yoshi's Egg in NA ).
  • World -1 is possible in a one in several thousand chance, in world -2 you will be set in a boss battle against a NES version of the Goomba King [[1]]
  • You can beat World -1 by getting on top of the water at the end.
    • This can be done, but accomplishes nothing. It was assumed that people attempting would fail and be unable to disprove it.
  • You can beat World -1 by ducking while big and swimming on top of the end pipe.
    • Nope, it just gets you stuck, same as any other water world.
  • There are many lies about the Minus World actually having a certain amount of levels (Usually somewhere around 400, or four but you have to complete them all in one life) and if you do complete it, you can enter a level select screen that lets you play any level in the game, and some that were taken out last-minute.
    • The level is, of course, a neverending glitch that can only be ended by turning off the system or by getting a Game Over. Both versions of this lie were based on the fact that doing so is difficult and thus hard to disprove.
    • The Japanese Famicom Disk version of Super Mario Bros actually had 3 minus worlds that you could complete. If you did complete them, it counted as beating the game, and enabled the normal second quest and level select by pressing B. Some hacked disk versions let you select world numbers greater then 8.

Lies about Super Mario Bros. 2[]

  • As soon as the game starts, if you can press the UP button quick enough, you can enter the door that you fall from at the beginning of the game. Inside the door is a world with awesome 16 bit graphics.
  • The secret to getting 3 cherries in the sub-game is to hit B, B, A to the beat of "We Will Rock You" by Queen because the music designer for the game was a big fan of Queen.
    • The secret is actually very good timing and reflexes. Anyone who can make 1 frame links in fighting games is capable of owning the slots, since the picture actually DOES stop the instant you press the button on the original NES version, and the slot symbols do go by in a pattern. Players who have the required timing skills can fool onlookers into thinking this one works.
  • Supposedly, Mario can't use the shortcut in the first stage. This one allegedly came from some hint book. Apparently, either Mario can't jump far enough to get to the left of the waterfall in the cave or he can't jump high enough to get over the wall and get to Birdo. In either case, it's wrong; any character can use the shortcut.
  • In this game when Princess Peach jumps you can see up her skirt.
  • If you are lucky, you can win a car at the slot machine mini-game, that you can drive around in the next level.

Lies about Super Mario Bros 3[]

  • One of the power-ups is a Wendy Koopa suit.
    • This lie started because of a printing error in Nintendo Power. They accidentally showed Wendy Koopa in a World 4 mushroom house, instead of the Tanooki suit icon.
  • In the levels with the boss bass: when it jumps up and eats you, if you throw a projectile (a fireball, a hammer, etc.) at precisely the right moment, *just* as you begin to be engulfed in its mouth, you will not die, and will be able to control the boss bass for the rest of the level.
    • Note that this is an obvious impossibility because Mario dies instantly upon physical contact with said fish, and there basically *is* no time in which to try to throw a projectile.
  • Also concerning the boss bass: Right after it eats you, if you press a certain code (or repeatedly tap a certain button) quickly enough, you can fight your way out of its mouth and continue playing.
    • Again, as stated above, Mario dies instantly upon contact, therefore leaving no time in which to press buttons, nor the possibility of fighting your way out of its mouth.
  • A rumour spread in the 90's that there was a 9th world in the Mario games. Technically, the 9th world is the warp zone, but the boxes had pictures of a world that never made it into the final game.

Lies about Super Mario World[]

  • The number beside your saved game is a completion percentage, and there are 4 super-secret levels to find.
    • The number shown is the number of level exits found by the player. There are 96 total exits in the game.
  • It is possible to travel up the waterfall at the very top of the world map.
  • By completing all stages twice (once before completing the Special Zone and once after when the game becomes Halloween themed) will cause a bridge to be made to the empty island north of the first Haunted House you unlock (given you didn't use any of the alternative level exits) and a castle will rise up on it. Here you can play a boss rush against powered-up versions of Nestor, the Koopa Kids and finally Bowser.
  • There is a secret exit out of the Choco-Ghost House in Chocolate Island which leads to "Bottom Secret Zone". The level name was a pun on the Donut Plains' "Top Secret Zone" which is also accessed through a Ghost House.
  • There exists a beta version of Super Mario World on the NES before it was ported and released for the Super Nintendo.
    • There's a bootleg version of the game for NES, but it was released in Hong Kong after the Super Nintendo release in America. It's not a beta release.
    • Miyamoto did start working on Super Mario Bros 4 on the Nes. A few beta screen shows the world map. This is not the pirated Nes port of SMW.
  • There is a deleted ending at the way end of the game that shows Princess Peach doing Mario.
    • Nintendo is known for censoring games, they would not even think about the possibilities for a secret ending of Mario doing Peach.
  • There is a Mario Conspiracy involving this game, as there are hints in the game somewhere which tell you how to unlock Luigi in Mario 64. The most common way to find these hints is to play through the game three times completely, and one partially. You must play through the game once very quickly, once slightly slower, and once more slower than that. Next you must play through until you reach the Vanilla Dome and die constantly, getting two game overs inside the dome. As you're getting your third game over, turn off the power to the SNES. If you did it properly, all of your progress will be lost but you will have a "Game D" which has the information on how to get Luigi in Mario 64.

Lies about Mario 64[]

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Lies about Mario Galaxy[]

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Lies about Super Mario Advance [Remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 USA][]

  • When you collect all of the Yoshi eggs you can play as Yoshi.